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2023 Open House

Autonomous Racing Showcased on AADC Model Car

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The AADC model car is being prepared for an autonomous race at the TU's 2023 Open House. © Simon Dierl​/​TU Dortmund

At the university's 2023 open house event, AQUA group presented its work on autnomous driving on 1:8 scale model cars. Using the Jarvic racing software developed for Formula Student-style races in collaboration with GET racing Dortmund e.V., the car demonstrated its ability to autonomously navigate a scaled-down race track and beat visitors driving the car manually. Jarvic was partially developed in an undergraduate project and the KoKoVa project group offered by us.


The AADC model car is driiving around a race track marked with traffic cones at the TU's 2023 Open House. Some people are observing. © Simon Dierl​/​TU Dortmund