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Fakultät für Informatik
Master's module

Seminar: AI in Software Engineering


Module INF-MSc-102
Type Seminar
Credits 4 Credits (Seminar)


In the era of digital transformation, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into software engineering is revolutionizing how we develop, deploy, and maintain software systems.

This seminar focuses on the symbiotic relationship between software engineering and AI, exploring recent contributions to the field of software engineering reporting on research into how AI techniques can, e.g., enhance software development processes, improve software quality, or solve complex engineering problems. The seminar will also study works that address software engineering for data-intensive and AI-based system, e.g., concepts like MLOps, ethical considerations, data privacy, data souvereignity, and or need for explainability.

Literature / Links

We will read papers from the recent instances of the ICSE and CAIN conferences. Programs of the conferences can be found here:


The material (slides, literature, exercises) is provided in the TU Dortmund Moodle. Registration in LSF is mandatory and automatically performs enrollment in the Moodle.

Note on the language
The literature for the seminar will be mainly in English. Presentations and papers may be in German or English.