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Fakultät für Informatik
Master's module

Principles of Software Engineering


Module INF-MSc-211
Type Basic module from research area: "Software, Security and Verification"
Credits 6 Credits (Lecture)
2 Credits (Exercise)


The lecture covers the methodological basics of Software Engineering in five chapters.

  • Software Engineering
  • Software Design
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Quality
  • Software Management  

In each of these chapters, we look at principles and formal foundations, established process models and methods, practical examples and tools, and selected research topics. The lecture will be accompanied by exercises on a practical project (a web application developed in Spring boot for playing Ludo and similar board games).

The course is intended for master's students who want to deepen their knowledge of Software Engineering. Bachelor students may also participate by arrangement. Regular participation in the exercises offers the possibility of acquiring the exercise certificate.


The courses of the Bachelor's programme are required, especially the courses Software Engineering, Software Construction and Software Lab. Since advanced logical and algebraic techniques are part of the curriculum (e.g., logic-based specification and verification), a deep understanding of the mathematical foundations of Computer Science is a prerequisite for successful completion of the module.


The material (slides, literature, exercises) is provided in the TU Dortmund Moodle. Registration in LSF is mandatory and automatically performs enrollment in the Moodle.


  • Summer 2024 LSF