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Fakultät für Informatik
Bachelor's module

Software Construction


Module INF-BSc-211
Type Elective module from category: "Software, Concepts"
Credits 2 Credits (Lecture)
1 Credit (Exercise)

The lecture provides an overview of the problems of modern software engineering. It deals with the principles of the construction of program systems and follows the life cycle of a program system from the analysis of the requirements over specification and design to implementation and test. An emphasis of the lecture consists of the deepening of the object-oriented paradigm. In particular, issues of object-oriented modeling and design will be addressed, assuming UML and introducing logic annotations as important mechanisms and discussing design patterns in detail. A verification technique (such as model checking or model-based testing) will be discussed in more detail.

The course is intended for undergraduate or graduate students who want to deepen their knowledge of software engineering and, in particular, object-oriented system design; it counts as a prerequisite for a thesis at the chairs of software technology. The courses of the basic studies are assumed, here especially the course Software Engineering. The previous completion of the software internship is recommended, but is not a prerequisite for taking the module exam. Regular participation in the exercises gives the possibility to acquire the exercise certificate. The lecture can be deepened in the coming semesters by special lectures, seminars and project groups.

The course Software Engineering is a prerequisite for attending this lecture.

Since parts of the lecture use advanced logical and algebraic techniques (e.g. logic-based specification and verification), a secure command of the learning content of the lectures on mathematical foundations of computer science is a prerequisite for successful attendance of the lecture.


The material (slides, literature, exercises) is provided in the TU Dortmund Moodle. Registration in LSF is mandatory and automatically perfoms enrolment in the Moodle.